The Poet and The Boy (2017)

The Poet and The Boy (2017)
Country: South Korea
Release Year: 2017
Aka: Si-e-nui sa-rang
Director: Kim Yang-Hee
Writer: Kim Yang-Hee
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 110 min
Cast:Yang Ik-Joon, Jung Ga-Ram
Jeon Hye-Jin, Bang Eun-Hee
Inan, Kim Jong-Soo, Kim Sung-Kyun
Studio:Jin Pictures, CGV Arthouse
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Hyun Taek-Ki is a 40 year old poet. He doesn't have much talent in writing poetry and he doesn't make any money. His sperm count is also low. His wife gives him a hard time, but she does care about him. Hyun Taek-Ki agonizes over his poetry and wife badly wants a baby. One day, a teenage boy appears in front of him. Taek-Ki feels something he never felt before.

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