His Brother (2003) - Son frère

His Brother (2003)
Country: France
Release Year: 2003
Aka: Son frère
Director: Patrice Chéreau
Writer:Philippe Besson, Patrice Chéreau
Anne-Louise Trividic
Language: French
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min
Cast:Bruno Todeschini, Eric Caravaca
Nathalie Boutefeu, Maurice Garrel
Studio:Arte France
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0351770/
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Thomas and Luc are brothers. Thomas is straight; Luc is gay. Unable to accept his brother`s homosexuality, Thomas distances himself. When Thomas contracts a terminal illness, he intrudes into Luc`s contented life and asks him to be his caretaker. Luc begrudgingly sacrifices his lover, his job and his comfortable life to care for his dying brother. Through the rounds of doctors and the demanding challenges of catastrophic illness, the brothers are forced to examine the meaning of their existence, and their powerlessness in the face of impending doom. They return to their childhood home on the beach, reconnect with their past, and ultimately forge a new and vital relationship. From Patrice Chéreau, director of "The Queen Margot," "Intimacy," and "L`Homme blessé."

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