My Last Round (2011) - Mi Último Round

My Last Round (2011)
Country: Chile, Argentina
Release Year: 2011
Aka: Mi Último Round
Director: Julio Jorquera Arriagada
Writer: Julio Jorquera Arriagada
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min
Cast:Roberto Farías, Héctor Morales
Manuela Martelli, Tamara Acosta
Yamila Reyna, Alejandro Trejo
Studio:Umana Films, Basica Cine
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Unfazed by the attention he receives from women, Hugo searches for something meaningful to break up the monotony of his life. The young man becomes captivated with Octavio, a middle-aged local boxing champion, who must maintain a hard and gruff image for his fans and fellow fighters. When Octavio furtively acts on the subtle flirtations Hugo throws at him, he is abruptly rejected. Hugo tries to curtail his desire, but eventually surrenders to their magnetic attraction. They enter into an intense romance that would never be accepted in their small town in southern Chile. The couple moves to capital city Santiago with energized dreams of building their life together and protecting their love from a hostile world. But when Hugo confuses his feelings for a naive colleague at his new workplace, nothing turns out as planned. Set to an evocative acoustic score, writer/director Julio Jorquera's first feature tells a heartfelt story with an assured hand, eliciting complex and naturalistic ...

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