Broken Sky (2006) - El cielo dividido

Broken Sky (2006)
Country: Mexico
Release Year: 2006
Aka: El cielo dividido
Director: Julián Hernández
Writer: Julián Hernández
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 139 min
Cast:Miguel Ángel Hoppe, Fernando Arroyo
Alejandro Rojo, Ignacio Pereda
Klaudia Aragon, Clarissa Rendón
Studio:Mil Nubes-Cine
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Two university students, Gerardo and Jonás, meet on campus and fall passionately in love. They enjoy a blissful romance until Jonás becomes obsessed with another boy and drives Gerardo into the arms of Sérgio. The young men become entangled in a hypnotic dance of love, longing, rejection, validation, and sexual expression.

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