Twisted Romance (2008)

Twisted Romance (2008)
Country: Argentina
Release Year: 2008
Aka: Vil romance
Director: José Celestino Campusano
Writer: José Celestino Campusano
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 105 min
Cast:Nehuén Zapata, Javier De la Vega
Oscar Génova, Marisa Pájaro 
Olga Perez, Julio M. Gonzalez
Studio:Cinebruto, Epicentre Films
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A boldly original tale of sexual power, dominance and oddly enough, love, Twisted Romance tells of the explosive relationship between a fragile young man and his volatile 50-year-old lover. Brooding teenager Raúl (Oscar Génova) and the rough-looking Roberto (Nehuén Zapata) meet and have an afternoon fling which turns sexually violent. Despite the age difference and the older man's controlling nature, the two form an uneasy relationship. But when Raúl becomes involved with a fellow teen, the palpable sense of impending danger becomes even greater. Exploring the darker side of relationships rarely seen in contemporary gay cinema, Twisted Romance is a compelling drama capped with a shocking conclusion.

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