Straight Men & The Men Who Love Them (2005)

Straight Men 
& The Men Who Love Them (2005)
Release year: 2005
Studio: Ariztical Entertainment
Genre: Short Films Collection
Total runtime: 86 min
Number of shorts: 7
1. Espacio 2 (2001) (Imdb: tt0345200)
2. Truth or Dare (2003) (Imdb: tt0387665)
3. In the Name of the Father (2002) (Imdb: tt0404015)
4. Uninhibited (2004) (Imdb: N/A)
5. Misguided Piss (2002) (Imdb: tt0327043)
6. Popcorn & Coke (2004) (Imdb: tt0431994)
7. Coffee Date (2001) (Imdb: tt0402928)
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A collection of shorts that explores the relationships between gay men and straight men. The collection includes Espacio 2 (Spain), In the Name of the Father (Brazil), Misguided Piss (US), Truth or Dare (Brazil), Coffee Date (US), Popcorn & Coke (UK), and Uninhibited.

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