Timeline (2013)

Timeline (2013)
Country: Thailand
Release Year: 2013
Director:Thanatkorn Bangphao
Daraspong Throngprasit
Jitthinund Yodwongsakull 
Writer: Thanatkorn Bangphao
Language: Thai | Runtime: 81 min
Genre: Romance, Drama
Cast:Natthaphat Wiriyanukhol, Umpon Tumkumkaew
Wuchcharapol Phringtrakool, Sanachay Pattawan
Nopparat Praseartsirisuk,Daraspong Throngprasit
Studio:Dolphin Film
Imdb: N/A
3 gay romance stories: Two best friends are confused about their feelings. A famous gay couple receive a threatening anonymous letter. A young guy falls in love with his lodger, but he already has a boyfriend.

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Anonymous said...

Why did bass died ? I really love their scenes I mean I find them cute couple :D

venessalrubio said...

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Unknown said...

I really love you bas <3

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