Roxxxanne (2007)

Roxxxanne (2007)
Country: Philippines
Release Year: 2007
Director: Jun Lana
Writer: Jun Lana
Language: Filipino, Tagalog
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 99 min
Cast:Sheree, Jay Aquitania
Janvier Daily, Elizabeth Oropesa
Bodjie Pascua, Mel Martinez
Studio:Octobertrain Films,  Ignite Media
Pixel Art Media Production
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Marlon (Jay Aquitania) is a college student popular to his friends because he collects sex videos of female celebrities in his mobile phone. In truth, Marlon is gay and he is attracted to one of his friends, the pretty boy pedicab driver Jonas (Janvier Daily). One day, a beautiful mysterious woman named Roxxane (Sheree) rents an apartment owned by Marlon's family. Marlon attends Roxxane's house-warming party and there, he meets Roxxane's friend Mary Grace (Hanni Miller). Mary Grace's instant attraction to him leads to her discovery of Marlon's own sexual preference. Things get rough when Marlon, in trying to keep his secret, concocts a lie about Roxxane, setting off a series of events that would lead to a brutal climax.

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