Naked As We Came (2013)

Naked As We Came (2013)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2013
Director: Richard LeMay
Writer: Richard LeMay
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 82 min
Cast:Ryan Vigilant, Benjamin Weaver
Karmine Alers, Lue McWilliams
Sturgis Adams, John Challice
Studio:Garden House Entertainment
Edition Salzgeber
Available on:
After an unexpected phone call, Laura and her brother Elliot rush to their family’s country estate to find their mother, Lilly, gravely ill and living with a handsome young stranger named Ted. Estranged for some time, their mother’s condition sets Laura and Elliot on a path to realizing where their own lives have gone wrong. Lilly, on the other hand, has mellowed from the controlling woman she was and is hoping to pass on some wisdom to her children. Now her kids find themselves dealing with their own feelings of resentment and broken dreams while trying to figure out how Ted fits into their mother’s life. Elliot even slept with Ted to break some barriers. But Ted has a secret of his own.

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