Bathhouse (2005)

Bathhouse (2005)
Country: Philippines
Release Year: 2005
Director: Crisaldo Pablo
Writer: Jet Alcantara
Language: Tagalog, Filipino, English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 76 min
Cast:Jet Alcantara, Andoy Ranay, Rey Pumaloy
John Lapus, Ray An Dulay
Studio:ProGay Philippines, Grupong Sinehan
Water Bearer Films
Remedios AIDS Foundation
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"Bathhouse" takes you into this world of towel clad men, back room sex and the search for that ever elusive perfect boyfriend.
One night while at the baths, young campus nerd Rico (Ray An Dulay) meets heartthrob Cris (Jet Alcantara), the chemistry between them is immediatly hot and intense. Once that fire cools Rico thinks he has found the ideal man but finds himself on a roller coaster ride of love, jealousy and infidelity as Cris continues his conquest of the baths. Made in the same guerrilla style of his earlier film, Cris Pablo once again uses striking images and strong characters to tell the story of gay life in the Philippines.

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