Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories (2015)

Big Father,Small Father & Other Stories
Country: Vietnam
Release Year: 2015
Aka: Cha va con va...
Director: Dang Di Phan
Writer: Dang Di Phan
Language: Vietnamese
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 102 min
Cast:The Vinh Truong, Cong Hoang Le
Thi Hai Yen Do, Ha Phong Nguyen
Thi Kieu Trinh Nguyen, Thanh Tu Nguyen
Studio:DNY Viet Nam Productions
Acrobates Film
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It is the late nineties, Vietnam is in economic turmoil and overpopulation has sparked political concern. Vu, a photography student, arrives in the sprawling metropolis of Saigon and moves into a slum neighborhood where he meets a mix of eccentric characters including Thang, a charismatic young man, who convinces Vu to get a vasectomy in order receive money from the government.

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