Get A Life (2006)

Get A Life (2006)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2006
Director: Toby Ross
Writer: Toby Ross
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 72 min
Cast:Brian Campbell, Peter Marinelli
Michael Gonring, Matt Edwards
Paul Stark, Steve Figg
Studio:Hornbill Films
TLA Releasing
Available on:
"I want a straight lover who will be gay just for me!" boldly declares Jaime in front of his abusive shrink, propelling the plot of a disenfranchised gay guy simply looking for himself. Jaime (Brian Campbell) searches his hometown of Chicago desperately looking for love, acceptance, and happiness in some very interesting and surprising places. His extremely difficult challenge is finding a straight man that will be gay just for him! Along the way, Jaime meets some fascinating and colorful people, in addition to many extremely hot and sexy guys (both straight & gay), all leading to new and surprising insights into his own life. In the end, Jaime is amazed to discover the one person he never thought he would - himself!

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