The Men Who My Father Loved (2018)

The Men Who My Father Loved (2018)

Country: Japan
Release Year: 2018

Aka: Oyaji ga aishita otoko-tachi
Director: Yoshikazu Kato
Writer: Kiichi Fude
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 61 min
Shinya Orikasa, Kiryu Aoi  
Manzo Shinra, Ayumu Kuroki
Hirokio Ando, Seiji Nakamitsu 
Kato Eizo Kobo, OP Eiga

A man returned to his home in Kyoto after being away for a year. As he works his way into film industry as a part-timer, his sister decides to sell their childhood home since both of their parents have passed away. One night, his recalls his father's favorite watch and looks for it, and he stumbles across a notebook titled "My Memories." He starts to read it and sees the words written on the first page saying "The men I loved who passed me by..." and is followed by a record of his father's love life...

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