Artemisia - Ai Tsao (2009)

Artemisia (2009)
Country: Taiwan
Release Year: 2009
Aka: Ai Tsao
Director: Chiang Hsiu Chiung
Writer: Tseng Yu Chieh
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min
Cast:Tang Cheng Gang, Mo Tze Yi
Pan Li Li, Chuo Heng Yin
Studio:Public Television Service
Vision Communication Production
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Artemisia, aka, Ai Tsao, the Chinese name of a 58-years-old woman who looks like any other ordinary housewife in Taiwan: playing Tai-chi in the morning, picking up English words by words with her son. But one day, she gradually realizes her filial son is actually gay, and her daughter returns home from abroad with an illegitimate daughter! Extremely rare and fare portrayal of how the family deals with a gay son, with no over-the-top stereotypes nor moral degrade, ARTEMISIA resembles more of Ang Lee’s early Taiwanese films with a deep understanding of the complexity of Chinese culture. After all, life has to go on.

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