Liberté (2019)

Liberté (2019)
Aka: Liberty
Release Year: 2019
Country: France, Portugal, Spain, Germany
Director: Albert Serra | Writer: Albert Serra
Language: French, German, Italian
Genre: Drama, History
Runtime: 132 min
Cast:Helmut Berger, Marc Susini
Iliana Zabeth, Laura Poulvet
Baptiste Pinteaux, Theodora Marcadé
Studio:Idéale Audience, Rosa Filmes
Andergraun Films, Lupa Film
Available on:
Set in the 18th century, it tells the story of the libertines that spend a night of sexual debauchery in the woods. 1774, a few years before the French Revolution, somewhere between Potsdam and Berlin... Madame de Dumeval, the Duke of Tesis and the Duke of Wand, libertines expelled from the Puritan court of Louis XVI, sought the support of the legendary Duke of Walchen, a seducer and free thinker from Germany, alone in a country where hypocrisy and false virtue reigned. Their mission: to export libertinage to Germany, a philosophy of enlightenment based on the rejection of morality and authority but also, and above all, to find a safe place to continue their misguided games.

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