Arizona Sky (2008)

Arizona Sky (2008)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2008
Director: Jeff London, Jeffery London
Writer: Jeff London, Jeffery London
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 91 min
Cast:Eric Dean, Jayme McCabe, Patricia Place
Evan Cuthbert, Brent King
Blaise Embry, Kyle Buckland, Emerson Smith
Studio:Jeff London Productions
Guardian Pictures, Wolfe Video
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Kyle picks his best friend Jake up for a short camping trip out on the prairie in rural Arizona. They discuss how they will miss each other when Jake's family moves away to a big city. As best friends Kyle and Jake have even been sexually intimate with each other, but they assure each other that they must keep it to themselves. They sleep together in the bed of Kyle's pickup for one last time. The scene shifts 15 years to Jake's home in a big city in California. He is steeped in work as a filmmaker. He and his assistant Brian work on their present project, but Jake shows his fatigue. When his straight friend Steve comes by to socialize they talk about Jake's not having a love life, and his feelings for Kyle. They decide to go back to Jake's Arizona hometown. When Jake gets back to Arizona he meets up with Kyle indirectly by looking in the phone book, finding Kyle's Aunt Elaine, and visiting her. She fills Jake in about the last 15 years: he has been taking care of his mother, working two and three jobs with his cousin Heath. Jake also finds out that Kyle has been helping indigent families like that of a woman, Cora, who stops by Kyle's house. Jake and Kyle finally get together and they find that they feel the same about each other, but Kyle is still self-conscious and afraid of coming out as a gay man. He is encouraged to do so by his Aunt Elaine, who has always known the truth. Kyle's cousin Heath is not so open-minded, and his discovering Kyle and Jake in bed together cause an emotional showdown between him and Kyle. In the end Jake decides to move in with Kyle where they once again can enjoy the Arizona sky together.

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