All My Life (2008) - Toul omry

All My Life (2008)
Aka: Toul omry
Release Year: 2008
Country: Israel, France, Egypt, Lebanon
Director: Maher Sabry
Writer: Maher Sabry
Language: Arabic, English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 117 min
Cast:Mazen, Ayman, Jwana, Maged
Mehammed Amadeus, Louay
Julian Gonzalez Esparza, Amar Puri
Studio:Egyptian Underground Film Society
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For Rami, all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds, as long as he keeps to himself. But when his longtime lover leaves him to marry a woman and his best friends drift away, he comes face to face with the harsh realities of life as a gay man in Egypt. Against the backdrop of the choreographed crackdown on gay men and the notorious Queen Boat arrests of 2001, he plunges into a world of loveless friendships and spirals downwards to his ultimate downfall.

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