Red Wine in the Dark Night (2015) - Khuen nan

Red Wine in the Dark Night (2015)
Country: Thailand
Release Year: 2015
Aka: Khuen nan
Director: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
Writer: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
Language: Thai
Genre: Thriller | Runtime: 103 min
Cast:Pongsatorn Sripinta, Steven Fuhrer
Nontapat Intarasuan, Kisthachapon Tananara
Suttinut Uengtrakul, Sakdinan Chusawan
Studio:Thanadbuntueng Production
Artfo Production, Am Fine Production
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Wine, a beautiful boy, runs into a mysterious guy with amnesia. Wine brings the guy to his place and sees that his eye color is red . Wine feeds him with food but the guy throws up wna tends to pass out. Wine is scared so he runs out for help but he trips himself bleeding instead. Wine’s blood wakes the guy up and makes him crawl to suck the blood out of Wine’s knee. Wine then learns that the guy eats nothing but blood. Wine symathizes him so he lets the guy have his blood. Wine names him Night. Tee, Wine’s boyfriend, wandts to break up with Wine because Gun, Raberd and Mai, all Tee’s friends, force Tee to confess that he is gay but Tee does not let them. Boy is a business man who loves and supports Wine for a very long time. Boy wants Wine to accept him as a boyfriend. Wine does not know what decision to choose whether a guy he used to love, a guy he never loves and a guy he is in love but they all definitely involve blood and tears.

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