Urbania (2000)

Urbania (2000)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2000
Director: Jon Matthews
Writer: Daniel Reitz
Language: English
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Runtime: 105 min
Cast:Dan Futterman, Scott Denny
Samuel Ball, Lothaire Bluteau
Alan Cumming, Josh Hamilton
Studio:Commotion Pictures, Trimark Home Video
Daly-Harris Productions
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0182508/
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Charlie takes an odyssey through grief during a fall weekend in New York City. His encounters are planned and chance: with a homeless man who sleeps by his building, with a friend who's dying, with the couple who lives (and noisily loves) in the flat above him, with a bartender and a one-night-stand he follows home, and with a tattooed stranger whom he seeks out and befriends. Along the way, Charlie inhabits a city full of moments of violence and of stories and legends: a kidney thief, a microwaved poodle, a rat in a hot dog bun, a baby left on a car top, a tourist's toothbrush, needles in public-phone change slots. Charlie lives and tells his own stories. What caused his melancholy?

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