Circuit (2001)

Circuit (2001)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2001
Director: Dirk Shafer
Writer: Dirk Shafer, Gregory Hinton
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 129 min
Cast:Jonathan Wade-Drahos, Andre Khabbazi
Brian Lane Green, Kiersten Warren
Daniel Kucan, Jim J. Bullock
Studio:Sneak Preview Entertainment
TLA Releasing
Available on:
A man hoping to move out of the closet falls into a trap of drug-fueled hedonism in this cautionary drama. John (Jonathan Wade Drahos) is a police officer from a small town who is forced to leave his career behind when it is discovered that he's gay. Hoping to find more tolerant surroundings, John moves to West Hollywood and rents an apartment with Nina (Kiersten Warren), an old friend from his high school days. One night, John attends a party where he meets Hector (Andre Khabazzi), an attractive hustler with whom he quickly strikes up a relationship. Hector is a regular on the L.A. party circuit, and John soon falls in with him, but the endless barrage of music, drugs, and anonymous sex proves more than John can handle, and he soon develops a dangerous dependence on amphetamines. William Katt, Nancy Allen, and Bruce Vilanch also appear in the supporting cast. Circuit had its premiere at the 2001 L.A. Outfest, a festival devoted to gay and lesbian-themed films.

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