Naked Boys Singing (2007)

Naked Boys Singing (2007)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2007
Director: Robert Schrock, Troy Christian
Writer:Stephen Bates, Robert Schrock
Shelly Markham, Rayme Sciaroni
Trance Thompson, Marie Cain
David Pevsner, Mark Savage
Bruce Vilanch, Mark Winkler
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Musical | Runtime: 83 min
Cast:Kevin Stea, Joe Souza, Jason Currie
Studio:Funny Boy Films, TLA Releasing
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This whimsical Off-Broadway hit musical is aptly reworked and transferred to the screen. The self-descriptively titled Naked Boys Singing is a musical revue of songs that poke fun at gay life, body image, love, loss and yearning.

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