Thirty Years of Adonis (2017) - San Shi Er Li

Thirty Years of Adonis (2017)
Country: Hong Kong, China
Release Year: 2017
Aka: San Shi Er Li
Director: Scud
Writer: Scud
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese
Genre: Drama, Erotica
Runtime: 96 min
Cast:Adonis He, Ting Yu Sheng
Daniel Benjamin, Justin Lim
Alan Tang, Susan Shaw
Studio:Artopians Production
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Yang Ke, a Beijing Opera actor, is fatefully driven into the underworld of masculine sex workers, and becomes a class of his own. He finds himself on a roller coaster between heavenly love with both men and women, and a living hell ensnared by devious villains and hypocrites. Despite his faith, endeavor and willingness to give, he remains a prisoner to his karma. Hell awaits when heaven seems near, and the ultimate truth is revealed only in a heartbreaking moment from which there is no return.

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Perfect movie, nice actor, bravo.....

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