Fögi Is a Bastard (1998) - F. est un salaud

Fögi Is a Bastard (1998)
Country: France, Switzerland
Release Year: 1998
Aka: F. est un salaud
Director: Marcel Gisler
Writer: Marcel Gisler, Martin Frank
Language: French
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Runtime: 90 min
Cast:Frédéric Andrau, Vincent Branchet
Urs Peter Halter, Jean-Pierre von Dach
Studio:Vega Film
Water Bearer Films
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0166604/
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A 15 year old boy (Beni) falls in love with Fögi, a singer in a Rock band. As Fögi seduces him, he is only willing to follow him where ever Fögi wants to. But Fögi is a drug addict and pulls Beni deeper and deeper into the hell of drug addiction.

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