Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island (2007)

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island (07)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2007
Director: Mark Jones
Writer: Mark Jones
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Runtime: 81 min
Cast:Tyler Farrell, Billie Worley
Kaleo Quenzer, Corie Ventura
Scott Fletcher, Michael Gravois
Studio:GLF Productions, 88/3rd Productions
Ariztical Entertainment
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A pledge must battle homophobia and a killer clown during his fraternity's Hell Night. Several people at Felix University want the brothers and pledges of ZAP Fraternity dead, but now someone with an Ax to grind is killing them off one by one at the old haunted river park island. While on the island, a few of the college students learn what happens to people to blindly follow leaders without asking questions. Jack Jones must stop the clown, save the fraternity and find the courage to come out of the closet by sunrise.

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