Friends and Family (2001)

Friends and Family (2001)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2001
Director: Kristen Coury
Writer: Joseph Triebwasser
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 min
Cast:Greg Lauren, Christopher Gartin
Rebecca Creskoff, Edward Hibbert
Allison Mackie, Meshach Taylor
Studio:Regent Releasing, here! Films
Belladonna Productions, Charleson Pictures
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Two Mafia gunmen give new meaning to the phrase "keeping it in the family" in this offbeat comedy. Danny (Christopher Gartin) and Stephen (Greg Lauren) are a pair of mob enforcers who see to it that no one crosses the Family and lives to tell about it. However, Danny and Stephen are hit men with a difference -- they're also lovers; and while they know how to get rid of troublemakers, little things like cooking and sewing are not their strong suits. They find themselves thrown for a loop when Stephen's parents (Frank Pellegrino and Beth Fowler) stop by for an unexpected visit, which leaves them with a bit of explaining to do, about their occupations and their lifestyle.

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