A Slice of Terror (2004)

A Slice of Terror (2004)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2004
Director: Michael Haboush
Writer: Michael Haboush
Language: English
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Runtime: 118 min
Cast:Michael Haboush, James Townsend
Arthur Huber, Justin Ackerman
Jorge Nava, Jackson Brown
Studio:Aberdeen Productions, Richard Anthony Films
West Hollywood Productions
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0439814/
Available on:
Large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, onions and DEATH! Terror is served up piping hot as the main entrée from Thick'N'Long's Pizza in this teen horror comedy digital video. Other side dishes of humiliation, nudity, hypnotism, sex, teens with bad boundaries, fast cars, sarcastic students, murder, pizza cutters, more sex, group sex and an cameo appearance by Bobby Trendy are delivered in this tale of retribution. The story revolves around Zaffo, a part-time janitor, part-time pizza delivery man who has a history of being abused at work by his employer, Mr Boutiques and by co-worker Aspen and by several customers. A group of teens force Zaffo to engage in homoerotic degradation at the schoolyard, the last straw in Zaffo's level of tolerance. After consulting a psychic (the Amazing Robaire) and getting advice from an outrageously effeminate and gay pizza customer (in a cameo by Bobby Trendy), Zaffo "delivers" payback to his therapist who he forces to cast on spell on the teens. The therapist makes the boys pay for their words and actions. Zaffo then abuses the sarcastic teens one at a time, utilizing hypnosis, trigger words, pizza cutters, and a pas de deux of death to deliver the final reprisal. Zaffo makes an "extra large pie" to satiate his appetite for the ultimate settling of scores. No one escapes the wrath of the disgruntled employee or the terror he serves one slice at a time. Whether it be from the dumpster, on the playground, with a naked therapist in his office or in an old, dilapidated shack, Zaffo will show everyone what it feels like to be HUMILIATED. Bon apetit!

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