Road Movie (2002) - Rodeu-mubi

Road Movie (2002)
Country: South Korea
Release Year: 2002
Aka: Rodeu-mubi
Director: Kim In Sik
Writer: Kim In Sik
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Drama
Runtime: 112 min
Cast:Hwang Jung Min, Jeong Chan
Seo Lin, Jeong Hyeong Gi
Bang Eun Jin, Kim Ki Chun
Studio:Sidus Pictures, Big Blue Films
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Dae-Shik is a gay homeless man on the streets of Soel. He finds a suicidal ex-financier Suk-Won on the street. Suk-Won's business has failed and his wife has thrown him out. The two hit the road together to find work, but instead find Il-Joo , a prostitute. Il-Joo is attracted to Dae-Shik. Dae-Shik is attracted to Suk-Won. And Suk-Won is not gay. When he turns to Il-Joo for comfort, the triangle is complete.

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