Voodoo Academy (2000)

Voodoo Academy (2000)
Release Year: 2000
Director: David DeCoteau
Writer: Eric Black
Language: English
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Runtime: 92 min
Cast:Riley Smith, Chad Burris
Kevin Calisher, Debra Mayer
Huntley Ritter, Ben Indra
Drew Fuller, Rhett Wilkins
Studio:Full Moon Pictures
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0232908/
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Young Christopher has just enrolled at the prestigious Carmichael Bible College, managed by the somewhat unusual Mrs. Bouvier. After some unexplained disappearances, Christopher does some exploring and discovers that Mrs. Bouvier and the Reverend Carmichael have some very unwholesome intentions for the young men of their school. Will Christopher graduate with his body and soul intact?

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