You, I Love (2004) - Ya lyublyu tebya

You, I Love (2004)
Country: Russia
Release Year: 2004
Aka: Ya lyublyu tebya
Director: Olga Stolpovskaja, Dmitry Troitsky
Writer:Olga Stolpovskaja, Alisa Tanskaya
Dmitry Troitsky
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Comedy 
Runtime: 87 min
Cast:Evgeny Koryakovsky, Damir Badmaev
Alexander Simonov, Lyubov Tolkalina
Studio:Malevich Productions
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Two may be company, but three is more than anyone counted on in this outrageous comedy from Russia. Timofei (Evgeny Koryakovsky) is a successful advertising executive based in Moscow who is involved in a satisfying relationship with Vera (Lyubov Tolkalina), the host of a television news show; however, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when one night Timofei runs into Uloomji (Damir Badmaev), an attractive young man of Kalmyk descent, with his car. Timofei finds himself strongly attracted to Uloomji, and when Vera returns from a day at the television studio, she discovers the two men in bed together. While Vera is quite taken aback by this, her love for Timofei is strong enough that she's willing to share him with Uloomji, which leads to an increasingly strange series of sexual misadventures for the threesome. Matters become all the more confused when Uloomji's parents arrive in Moscow and are appalled by their son's unconventional lifestyle.

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