Is It Just Me? (2010)

Is It Just Me? (2010)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2010
Director: J.C. Calciano
Writer: J.C. Calciano
Language: English
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 89 min
Cast:Nicholas Downs, David Loren
Adam Huss, Michelle Laurent
Bob Rumnock, Bruce Gray
Studio:D'Fi Films
TLA Releasing
Available on:
Frustrated by his ongoing failure to meet Mr. Right, Blaine stumbles upon what might be his perfect match in an online chat room-Xander, a sweet, hunky guy who's recently moved to LA. Smitten, Blaine then finds that he's been chatting to Xander under his go-go dancer roommate's profile, setting in motion a convoluted comedy of errors with romance as the ultimate objective.

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