Stateless Things (2011) - Jool tak dong si

Stateless Things (2011)
Country: South Korea
Release Year: 2011
Aka: Jool tak dong si
Director: Kim Kyung Mook
Writer: Kim Kyung Mook
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 119 min
Cast:Paul Lee, Yeom Hyun Joon
Kim Sae Byeok, Im Hyung Guk
So Hee Jung, Oh Hee Joon
Studio:KYUNG Pictures, KOFIC
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Jun (Paul Lee) is an illegal immigrant from North Korea, working in a gas station under an exploitative and abusive boss. Hyeon (Yeom Hyunjoon) is the kept boy of a married businessman, who has set him up in a swanky apartment near the government's headquarters in Yeouido. Both young men are in trouble. Jun's lack of an official identity and papers limits him to dead-end jobs (the gas station, handing out flyers, and eventually male prostitution) and leaves him always in fear of arrest and deportation. Hyeon, who is supposed to be available whenever his sugar daddy "needs" him, stifles in his up-market "prison". These two finally find each other through an Internet site, with disastrous results. The sudden convergence of their opposite lives gives Kim the cues he needs for a series of reflections on the implications of "statelessness".

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