Shiner (2004)

Shiner (2004)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2004
Director: Christian Calson
Writer: Christian Calson
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min
Cast:Scott Stepp, Derris Nile
Ryan Soteres, Carolyn Crotty
Seth Harrington, David Zelina
Nicholas T. King, Conny Van Dyke
Studio:Bruiser Films LLC, Nebunule Films LLC
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Shocking, original and daring, Christian Calson's explosive debut Shiner explores the dark crevices of desire and passion. The film revolved around three couples whose intimate, intense and occasionally abusive relationships provide frameworks for love. Tony and Danny are two longtime buddies whose kinks are to beat up "fags" and then each other, which then ignites their sexual desire. Tony's roommate Elaine, on the rebound, beds Reg and when a argument turns physically violent, it takes their intimacy to a new level. And then there is Bob, a timid gay boy and gym attendant who creepily stalks the hunky boxer Tim who, in turn, begins to stalk his stalker. Raw, boldly sexual, violent and uncomfortably perceptive in its handling of human desire, Shiner makes for gripping viewing.

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