Bad Boy Street (2012)

Bad Boy Street (2012)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2012
Director: Todd Verow
Writer:Jim Dwyer
Todd Verow
Language: English, French
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 79 min
Cast:Yann de Monterno, Florence d'Azémar
Kevin Miranda, Todd Verow
Studio:Bangor Films
TLA Releasing
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Two men embark on an unconventional romance in Todd Verow's sexy Parisian-set drama. Claude finds a young man passed out in the street and, taking pity on him, decides to take him to his apartment to safely sleep. Awakening the next morning, the sexy stranger soon makes a play for his forty-something host, kick-starting a passionate romance. But will the chance meeting develop inoto more than just lust or will the pair's differences drive them apart? An accomplished, serious and very modern gay romance.

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