The Family Complete (2010)

The Family Complete (2010)
Country: Japan
Release Year: 2010
Aka: Kazoku konpurito
Director: Imaizumi Koichi
Writer: Imaizumi Koichi
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 107 min
Cast:Kanba Ryosuke, Hotaru
Fujimaru Jinta, Kaji Koji
Todaka Daisuke, Murakami Hiroshi
Studio:Habakari Cinema
What begins like a normal Japanese family drama quickly descends into absurdity when a man dressed in a bear suit attacks the young-looking grandfather and uses him for furry sex. Soon, incest is the norm, with everyone getting a piece of grandpa, especially the men. Well, everyone but the third son, who prefers to cruise for guys outside. And why is everyone in the household so young-looking? To be revealed...

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