More Than Friendship (2013)

More Than Friendship (2013)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2013
Director: Timmy Ehegötz
Writer: Timmy Ehegötz
Language: German
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 87 min
Cast:Holger Foest, Jakob Philipp Graf
Michèle Fichtner, Gabrielle Scharnitzky
Andreas Külzer, Nils Weckbecker
Studio:Beyond Pictures
PRO-FUN media Filmverleih
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Mia, Lukas and Jonas always were like one heart and soul since childhood. Until three years ago when everything changed. Their friendship became love that is well beyond all conventions. A part of society feels provoked by such kind of companionship and meets them with some lack of understanding to say the least. Even their parents aren't really fond of the situation. Once a year, the trio makes a trip. During which they try to let emotions flow as they come, not having to fear the reactions of others. Now it is the time again for such a trip. And that is where the film starts. After renting a mobile home, the journey starts as usual. Only one thing is different this time, Jonas was diagnosed with cancer in terminal state a few months ago. The three of them know that this might very well be the last trip they will ever make. Regardless, Mia and Lukas try their best for Jonas not to think of the inevitable. Sadly the vow to spend the last trip only in joy, fails.

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