Boys on Film X (2013)

Boys on Film X (2013)
Country: UK
Release Year: 2013
Aka: Boys on Film 10
Director: William Feroldi, Amaury Grisel, Jacob Brown
Language: English
Genre: Short Films Collection
Number of shorts: 8
Total Runtime: 133 min
Cast:Francis Beraud, Hervé Joseph Lebrun
Jake Robbins, Gaëtan Vettier
Nathaniel Brown, Thomas Coumans
Studio: Peccadillo Pictures
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BOYS ON FILM X is the tenth volume in the world’s most successful short film series. A young man goes through a series of encounters that will change his life forever, an unearthly beauty will put a relationship at risk, a friendship is questioned as a secret is revealed and a young boy haunts a village long forgotten.

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