Blackmail Boy (2003) - Oxygono

Blackmail Boy (2003)
Country: Greece
Release Year: 2003
Aka: Oxygono
Director: Michalis Reppas, Thanasis Papathanasiou
Writer: Michalis Reppas, Thanasis Papathanasiou
Language: Greek
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 min
Cast:Nena Menti, Yannis Tsimitselis, Akylas Karazisis
Alexis Georgoulis, Jeannie Papadopoulou
Studio:Safe Company, FilmNet, Graal
Greek Film Center, Odeon, Mega Channel
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In the small, closed community of a provincial town, Magda tries to maintain a balance within a family facing many serious problems. The families apparently normal, bourgeois, every-day life will crack open, bringing to the surface hatred and passions of the kind that lie well-hidden in the mists of the nearby lake. An intense plot and a totally unexpected ending make up this film, which features characters who are vulnerable, innocent and ordinary, but who become ruthless and callous, worrying only about protecting their financial resources. The offences are disproportionately serious compared to the financial benefits they try to secure.

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