Good As You (2012)

Good As You (2012)
Country: Italy
Release Year: 2012
Director: Mariano Lamberti
Writer: Mariano Lamberti, Riccardo Pechini
Language: Italian
Genre: Comedy | Runtime: 98 min
Cast:Enrico Silvestrin, Luca Dorigo
Diego Longobardi, Lorenzo Balducci
Daniela Virgilio, Lucia Mascino
Angelo Carbonaro, Elisa Di Eusanio
Studio:Master Five Cinematografica
Iris Film Distribution
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Protested by Catholic organizations at the time of its release, this romantic comedy from Italy follows eight characters who cross paths on New Year's Eve in Rome. After a sudden power outage, the night takes a strange turn and our eight separate protagonists are well on their way to becoming four distinct couples.

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