That Night of November (2018)

That Night of November (2018)
Country: Spain
Release Year: 2018
Aka: Nove de novembro
Director: Lázaro Louzao
Writer: Lázaro Louzao
Language: Gallegan
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 83 min
Cast:Ademar Silvoso, Brais Yanek
Sabela Arán, Carlos Roma
Alberte Bello, Silvia Castineiras
Studio:Costura Films 
Roberto and Miguel have been dating for ten years. A decade of that common life will return to their memories during four days of November. A seemingly strong relationship will start to crumble with each new memory. This increasingly significant life backgroung will show, little by little, the true nature of their shared life. Meanwhile, more than 2000 kilometres apart, in The Two Berlins, a greater relationship is about to change too. In the deep of a relationship lie hidden feelings forged by a common past. Secrets and resentments that the rest of the world can not see, separated by a wall that seems unbeatable. The wall separating Roberto and Miguel was not the only wall that fell down that cold November night.

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