Thanatos, Drunk (2015) - Zui sheng meng si

Thanatos, Drunk (2015)
Country: Taiwan
Release Year: 2015
Aka: Zui sheng meng si
Director: Chang Tso Chi
Writer: Chang Tso Chi
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 106 min
Cast:Lee Hong Chi, Huang Shang Ho
Lu Hsueh Feng, Chen Jen Shuo
Wang Ching Ting, Chang Ning
Studio:Simple View Production
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They live in an old house on the fringe of Taipei City: Rat and his elder gay brother Shanghe. Two brothers look for jobs to survive while search for themselves and long for a foothold in life. The younger works at market where he meets a mute woman who gets up to all sorts of craziness. The elder is attracted to a nightclub dancer and finds himself drawn into shifty business. With the rhythm of their wanderings, the film observes its protagonists: lives in limbo, without fixed coordinates, and evolves into panorama of a society that does not appear to welcome its next generation.

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