Dear Mr. Gacy (2010)

Dear Mr. Gacy (2010)
Country: Canada
Release Year: 2010
Director: Svetozar Ristovski
Writer:Kellie Madison, Clark Peterson
Jason Moss, Jeffrey Kottler
Language: English
Genre: Crime, Drama
Runtime: 103 min
Cast:William Forsythe, Jesse Moss
Emma Lahana, Cole Heppell
Studio:Reel One Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Available on:
John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer also known as the Killer Clown who committed the rape and murder of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978. Twenty-six of Gacy's victims were buried in the crawlspace of his home, three others elsewhere on his property and four victims were discarded in a nearby river. Gacy became known as the "Killer Clown" due to his charitable services at fundraising events, parades and children's parties where he would dress as "Pogo the Clown," a character he devised himself.
The movie is based on the true story of a college student contacting John Wayne Gacy in prison before he was executed. Jason Moss, begins a written relationship with John Wayne Gacy in the hope he can get information that law enforcement agencies haven't been able to extract. He does this by "baiting" Mr. Gacy with his youth, inexperience and naivety in matters relating to sex and sexuality. Surprisingly, it works too well and in short order Moss is deep into situations in which he is clearly outmaneuvered and well out of his depth.

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