Coming of Age - Vol. 3 (2009)

Coming of Age - Vol. 3 (2009)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2009
Director: Nathan Brunskill, Nick Oceano...
Language: English
Genre: Short Films Collection
Number of shorts: 6
Total Runtime: 86 min
Cast:Dustin Varpness, Michael Kirby
Daniel Marin, Manny Montana
Damien Midkiff, Ryan Honey
Sam Borenzweig, Joseph Castanon   
Studio:AL!VE, CMV Laservision
Imdb: N/A
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This short film collection describes the maturing process of adolescent boys as an adult. The unrest and conflicts that go hand in hand with this difficult time are reflected in a wide range of topics. This collection is mostly about gay issues, as these adolescents face special challenges and problems because they are faced with a process that is not "normal" ... that is, they have a harder time than other people.

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