Night Corridor (2003) - Yao ye hui lang

Night Corridor (2003)
Country: Hong Kong
Release Year: 2003
Aka: Yao ye hui lang
Director, Writer: Chi Chiu Lee
Language: Cantonese, English
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery 
Runtime: 73 min
Cast:Daniel Wu, David Smith
Kara Hui, Eddy Ko
Fung Kuk, Anthony Fernandez
Studio:Pure Films Art Syndicate
Golden Gate Productions
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An artist investigates the uncanny death of his twin brother who was gnawed and clawed to pieces by wild monkeys. He ends up grappling with the beast within, after being gobbled alive by a ravenous nympho and getting sucked into in a series of grisly murders. Out of his closet tumble skeletons of repressed homosexuality, pedophilic abuse, Oedipal complex and primal cruelty.

But eerier stuff awaits him in a colonial library guarded by a night porter who may be the Devil Incarnate. A danse macabre choreographed with European flair and painterly texture, transposed from the Satanic world of Polansky and Goya to a post-97 Hong Kong of paranoia, animal appetite, and – monkey business. While majority of the show is centered on morbid horror. The scene in which Daniel Wu holds Allan Wu at gun point and forces him to perform oral sex maybe enough to please others.

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