LODI (2018)

LODI (2018)
Country: Philippines
Release Year: 2018
Director: Tim Munoz
Writer: Tim Munoz
Language: Filipino, Tagalog
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 79 min
Cast:JM Martinez, Ace Toledo
Carlo Mendoza, Jonas Olmedo
Eagle Riggs, Mackie Raquiza
Darwin De Leon
Studio:Pink Elephant Productions
Imdb: N/A
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A new homoerotic film from the makers of "Hombre". Lodi is Idol spelled backward. Franco (JM Martinez) is a maintenance man in a condo by day and service boy by night. He is obsessed with Hearthrob, Brent (Ace Toledo). His obsession leads to fulfillment, but at what cost.

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Jeffrey 6033 said...

Was this film ever released on a DVD. I can find no information on this!

Sugo Ng Kalaswaan said...

I love the sex scenes! Ah! ūüėč

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