Schoolboy Crush (2007) - Boys Love Theater Edition - Boys Love 2

Schoolboy Crush (2007)
Country: Japan
Release Year: 2007
Aka:Boys Love Theater Edition - Boys Love 2
Boys Love Gekijoban - Gay Love 2
Director: Kotaro Terauchi
Writer: Carolco, Kotaro Terauchi
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 117 min
Cast:Atsumi Kanno, Yoshikazu Kotani
Yuuki Kawakubo, Kazunori Tani
Studio:Tornado Film, Wint Arts
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The producers of the 2007 melodrama Boys Love draw inspiration from Japanese "BL" (boy love) comics for this thematically similar gay romance concerning a schoolteacher whose fleeting encounter with a boy prostitute comes back to haunt him. Handsome schoolteacher Kairu was contending with the pain of a failed romance when, in a moment of weakness, he hired gorgeous young hustler Sora to keep him company. Though Kairu assumed that he would never see Sora again, the teacher is noticeably taken aback when the young man shows up in his classroom at an elite boy's school. To further complicate matters, the petulant Sora seems determined to pursue a romantic relationship with his former john despite the fact that it could destroy Kairu's career. When Kairu's lovelorn roommate and the campus bully get drawn into the fray, the bully's romantic connection to another student sets into motion a potentially disastrous series of events.

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