Pethaino gia sena! (2009) - I'm Dying For You!

Pethaino gia sena! (2009)
Country: Greece
Release Year: 2009
Aka: I'm Dying For You!
Director: Nikos Karapanagiotis
Writer: Eleni Randou, Filippos Desillas
Language: Greek
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 98 min
Cast:Eleni Randou, Iosif Polyzoidis
Nektarios Loukianos, Martha Karagianni
Fanis Mouratidis, Michalis Iatropoulos
Studio:Odeon, Max Productions
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A typical Greek family caught in the net of love. A love triangle, perhaps ..... a square, angry members of a family with communication problems that can not be solved. The mother, a former dancer, who teaches tango in a dance school and the teen that is seeking its identity, will be the two sides of the triangle. The father, a traffic cop, finds his inspiration for the lyrics of the songs on the face of his wife's lover. The two will be the other side of the square. And finally a deaf grandmother who lives on his cell phone is probably the only person who hears the approaching storm. All mixed in a story of love, hate and tenderness criminal. The story ends with an unexpected death. Or murder.

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