An American Hate Crime (2018)

An American Hate Crime (2018)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2018
Director: Ian Liberatore
Writer: Ian Liberatore
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 91 min
Cast:Dylan Hartman, Chris James
Daniel Byrne, Brian Cain
Maria Walker, Michael Lassnoff
Shannon Pal, Alex Frachilla
Studio:Moving Forward Films
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Jake (Daniel Byrne) a college drop out along with his friends decide to take their homophobia to a whole other level when when they decide to download a gay oriented social media app where they would lure and attack innocent victims. Noah ( Dylan Hartman). a just coming to terms gay teen doesn't know who to talk to about his feelings and turns to the same social media app the attackers use on their prey. Told from both perspectives of the main characters and a chilling conclusion that will alter everyone's lives forever.

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