Offshore (2011)

Offshore (2011)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2011
Director: Sven J. Matten
Writer: Viola Siegemund, Sven J. Matten
Language: German
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 92 min
Cast:André Würde, Benjamin Martins
Alexandra Sydow, Marko Pustisek
Pascal Sance, David Koblasa
Studio:Paradigma Entertainment
PRO-FUN media
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Andi has come to Fuerteventura to see his estranged father Chris, who left the family years ago to live on the island and hasn't been heard from since. The local surfer clique welcomes Andi with open arms and he quickly falls for surfing instructor Tina, forming at the same time a reluctant friendship with a mysterious surfer. But his relationship to his father, whom Andi has never met before, is strained. Soon old wounds start to rip open again and a long-kept family secret threatens to turn Andi's world upside down.

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