Variações: Guardian Angel (2019)

Variações: Guardian Angel (2019)
Country: Portugal
Release Year: 2019
Director: João Maia
Writer: João Maia, Karen Sztajnberg
Language: Portuguese, English, Dutch
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music, Romance
Runtime: 108 min
Cast:Sérgio Praia, Filipe Duarte
Victoria Guerra, Augusto Madeira
Teresa Madruga, Eric da Silva   
The Open Reel
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António Variações was a unique man. He was born in a small village in Amares, in the north of Portugal. At an early age, unhappy with his life working at a local factory, he came to Lisbon to stay with some relatives. But he was different and he wanted more. He wanted to travel and see the world and he emigrated, starting to work as a barber. But his love for music and performance was so strong that he came back so he could sing in his own language, even if with his looks and outfits he was a victim of prejudice. And even without knowing anything about music he fought for his right to do it the way he believed it was best.

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