To The Extreme (2000) - In extremis

To The Extreme (2000)
Country: France
Release Year: 2000
Aka: In extremis
Director: Etienne Faure
Writer: Etienne Faure
Language: French
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 110 min
Cast:Sébastien Roch, Julie Depardieu
Aurélien Wiik, Jean-Claude Brialy
Jérémy Sanguinetti, Christine Boisson
Studio:Picture This! Entertainment
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A hard-partying bisexual rent boy faces unexpected responsibility when his older lover dies suddenly in this introspective drama starring César-winning actress Julie Depardieu. Though Thomas (Sébastien Roch) genuinely loves his deceased lover's teenage son, Grégoire (Jeremy Sanguinetti), as his own, Thomas' hedonistic lifestyle and other legal complications prevent him from adopting the troubled and homeless youngster. When Grégoire is subsequently sent to an orphanage, Thomas attempts to bury his guilty conscience by partying the nights away in a series of orgies and one-night stands. As Thomas begins to realize that his failure to act is slowly destroying the life of someone he truly cares about, he resolves to rescue Grégoire and take the troubled youngster under his wing.

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